'The General Electric Company March'
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Composed by Louis Hillier in 1904 and commissioned by the Company, the GEC March was performed for the first time at GEC's Annual Dinner at the Trocadero restaurant in London that year. It incorporated a musical part written for electric bells, still new technology at the time. GEC March
Illustration by John Hassall. Select for a larger image of this front cover
A copy of the published score for pianoforte was held in the GEC Archives. The cover of this sheet music features a charging horse whose rider wears a suit made up of batteries and electric switches. The horses reins are coiled wires and the rider carries a baton with a light bulb on the tip!
Let your PC play the GEC March

The GEC Archives created an electronic version of the GEC March as a MIDI file available to download. If your computer has a suitable synthesiser, sampled instrument set or soundcard, you can download and play the GEC March. You will need software such as Windows™ Media Player. Higher quality soundcards that have 'wavetable' instrument sounds will play a more authentic sounding rendition of the piece - including the electric bells! Other soundcards may only play the bells part as 'pings'.

(4:03 minutes running time)

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"GEC" refers to the former General Electric Company, p.l.c. of the UK
which had no connection with GE, General Electric of the US.