An Introduction to the former GEC Archives Collection.

Once upon a time, the historic Marconi Collection and the GEC Archives Collection were maintained by a
dedicated team at Marconi Research Centre, near Chelmsford UK. The same department were also
responsible for the prestigious GEC Journals publications, including the GEC REVIEW.

The Marconi Collection, including the award-winning1 MarconiCalling website was gifted to the Nation in 2004
and now resides at the University of Oxford's Museum of the History of Science and Bodleian Library.

As the GEC Archives Collection was only available to view by appointment, the team created a website,
with a period theme, to bring its contents to a wider public.

The Research Centre passed to BAE SYSTEMS and GEC Archives decided to disperse the Collection
contents to other Collections or their original owners.

The Collection's website: "A Visual Guide to the Archives", lived for several years on the GEC corporate
website, but eventually vanished as GEC became Marconi, and eventually Marconi itself vanished.

But it was archived and is now available once again:

A Visual Guide To The Archives          GEC March from 1904

Index of Historical Papers from the former GEC Review          The Roots of GEC

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"GEC" refers to the former General Electric Company, p.l.c. of the UK which had no connection with GE, General Electric of the US.