Introduction to Virtual/Visual Tour of the former GEC Archives.

A Visual Guide To The former GEC Archives
Weighing, Lighting and Early Artefacts
Weighing, Lighting, Early Artefacts
Domestic Appliances
Radio and Television
Radio, Television
Radar, Instruments and a Submarine
Radar, Instruments, Submarine
To guide yourself around the former GEC Archives Collection simply select one of the four views above. You can then take a closer look by clicking on the yellow triangles. You can even zoom in on some individual artefacts to find a more detailed image and description. Selecting the return button (<<) will guide you back into the Collection and the return to start button will bring you back to this page, from which you can EXIT below.

We hope you enjoy your tour into the past of GEC.
The former GEC Archives Collection is now only available to view here on the web